Cambridge was founded in the city of Cambridge in England in 1209.It is one of the largest educational institution in England and also it isthe 4th oldest university in the world. You can also see the unique beauties of City of Cambridge in the university.


University buildings are spread all over the city.Cambridge University has a sweeping and solid history.We all know that many foreing students dreaming this university,but to success their dream they have to be hardworking and distinguished.So that if these students want to be in Cambridge their grade level has to be 'A' as well as various success.If you are successful after the university measures your success the university will call you for the interviews.


Cambridge university has one of the world's most famous and largest libraries in the world.There are about 8 million books in the library, yes you did not hear wrong 8 million! Cambridge University Press which is the world's oldest publication institution is belong to Cambridge as you might imagine.Fascinating university Cambridge with its natural beauties,historic textures, has 96 Nobel Price in physiology,physics branches and peace.

There are so many celebrities and famous scientist graduated from our famous  university Cambridge.

Some of thoes people are:

  • Isaac Newton-Physicist,philosopher,mathematician

  • Stephen Hawking-Pysicist,the cosmologist,author

  • Georges Lemaitre-Scientist,priest

  • Charles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor-Galler Prince

  • Tom Hiddleston-Recently known as 'Loki' from Avengers movie

  • Rachel Weisz-Actress

  • Eddie Redmayne-Actor

Many famous people like these are graduated from this university.

Some Facts About The University

Wooden Bridge(A.K.A Mathematical Bridge) links two parts of Queen College to each other and it built with mathematic(in principal)by James Essev in 1749.

Queens' College Mathematical Bridge

The city of Cambridge has a 'Siliceon Fen',an alternative to 'Silicon Valley'.This field, which provides internship and job opportunities to students, is developing every day.

There is an activity called night climbing, where students climb to college buildings in the city at night.


When Lord Byron was not allowed to feed a dog while he was in Cambridge, he brought bear to his room because he did not rule out an order.

John Harvard (Founder of Harvard University)has been graduated from Cambridge.

Some parts of the movie 'The Theory of Everything' were filmed in Saint John's College in Cambridge.

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