Harvard is a popular and well known university that we all know that it deserves all these popularity located in Boston-Cambridge.The foundation date of the university is 1636 by John Harvard.Yeah not only popular but an old and historic university is also the oldest educational institution in the US.


After John Harvard dies(1636),the university is renamed Harvard College.In 1780 it started to be called as 'university'.There are over 15 millon books in university library which contains 400 book as testament of John Harvard.As you will understand it is one of the largest universities in the world.If you ahve lot of money and you think you are talented Harvard is cut out for you.If you do not have the money you need to enter the first 200 in the university entrance exam.


The exam is quite difficult but its absolutely not impossible.If you want to study medicine you need to get high score at MCAT exam(Medical College Admission Test).If you want to study in the art department you have to be very rich or very talented.Like as the other universities which provides qualified education what harvard requests is prefection,yeah if you want to study in this university the most wanted main feature is perfection or you can cover your defects with money.

As many features of the university there are many well-known name ahve graduated from here

Some of them are:

  • Bill Gates - Founder of Windows

  • Mark Zuckerberg-Founder of Facebook

  • Barack Obama - 44th  US President

  • John F. Kennedy - 35th US President

  • Gabe Newell - Founder of Valve

  • Natalia Portman - Actress

  • Matt Damon - Actor

Many famous people like these are graduated from this university.

Some Facts About the University

the university includes over 28 million artworks, artifacts, and works.


It may sound like a little sadistic but,Harvard University library contains 3 books bound on human skin.

(Book in the picture is not one of them just representative)

Doing a master's degree at Harvard University is harder than a bachelor's degree at a university.Also it is one of the most rigorous universities.


There are more than 360.000 Harvard graduates around the world.

There is no base point to apply for university.

Departments of the University

  • African and African American Studies
  • Anthropology
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Astronomy
  • Bioengineering
  • Celtic Languages and Literatures
  • Chemistry and Chemical Biology
  • Computer Science
  • The Classics
  • Comparative Literature
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • East Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Economics
  • Electrical Engineering
  • English
  • Environmental Science & Engineering
  • Germanic Languages and Literatures
  • Government
  • History
  • History of Art and Architecture
  • History of Science
  • Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Linguistics
  • Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular and Cellular Biology
  • Music
  • Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
  • Organismic and Evolutionary Biology
  • Philosophy
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • Romance Languages and Literatures
  • Slavic Languages and Literatures
  • Sociology
  • South Asian Studies
  • Statistics
  • Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
  • Visual and Environmental Studies

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