The famous university Oxford we all know and heard about it located in UK,Oxfordno clear information on the date of establishmentbut the university has been teaching since 1096.No wonder the date of its establishment is unknown its a really old university.


In addition to being the second oldest university, it is the oldest English-speaking university in the world.The celebration and growth of the university took place when the Henry II of Endland prohibited British students from studying at paris university in 1167.By the way The University of Cambridge was founded in 1209 by academicians who left Oxford and went to the town of Cambridge


Oxford has 38 colleges and the university does not have a main campus.Ashmolean Museum,the oldest museum in the world and Oxford University Press is also located in this university.A group of academics who doesn't like Oxford has hampered to build a new university by Oxford and Cambridge universities.From this event until 1820 the creation of a new university in England and London is prohibited

As each university i ahve mentioned there are many famous graduated from Oxford university

Some of Them are:

  • Stephen Hawking - British physicist,cosmologist,author.

  • Oscar Wilde - Irish author,play writer.

  • J.R.R. Tolkien - Author(LoTR,Hobbit)

  • Lewis Carrol - British author,mathematician,logician

  • Emma Watson - Actress(we all know from Harry Potter)

  • Rowan Atkinson - Actor(Mr.Bean)

Some facts about the university

Oxford's first college opened in the 13th century, but until 1878 students were not accepted.


the reason why Adol Hitler did not bomb the Oxford during World War II was that he wanted to make Oxford capital after conquest.

There are 22.000 students in Oxford University.

Worthington High School ninth through 12th grade students eat lunch in the high school cafeteria during one of three lunch blocks. (Alyssa Sobotka / The Globe)

Oxford's original name was 'Oxenaforda' from Anglo-Saxon times

27 Presidents of USA has graduated from Oxford.

Oxford Students has won 158 golden medal from olympics.

During the Civil War(1642-1646) Oxford was capital of England.

Departments of the University

  • American Institute, Rothermere
  • Art, Ruskin School of
  • Classics, Faculty of
  • English Language and Literature, Faculty of
  • History, Faculty of
  • History of Art department
  • Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics, Faculty of
  • Medieval and Modern Languages, Faculty of
  • Music, Faculty of
  • Oriental Studies, Faculty of
  • Philosophy, Faculty of
  • Theology and Religion, Faculty of
  • TORCH | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities
  • Voltaire Foundation
  • Begbroke Science Park
  • Chemistry, Department of
  • Computer Science, Department of
  • e-Research Centre, Oxford
  • Earth Sciences, Department of
  • Engineering Science, Department of
  • Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre
  • Materials, Department of
  • Mathematical Institute
  • Physics, Department of
  • Plant Sciences, Department of
  • Statistics, Department of
  • Zoology, Department of
  • Biochemistry, Department of
  • Clinical Medicine, Nuffield Department of
  • Clinical Neurosciences, Nuffield Department of
  • Experimental Psychology, Department of
  • Medicine, Radcliffe Department of
  • Oncology, Department of
  • Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, Nuffield Department of
  • Paediatrics, Department of
  • Pathology, Sir William Dunn School of
  • Pharmacology, Department of
  • Physiology, Anatomy & Genetics, Department of
  • Population Health, Nuffield Department of
  • Primary Care Health Sciences, Department of
  • Psychiatry, Department of
  • Surgical Sciences, Nuffield Department of
  • Women's & Reproductive Health, Nuffield Department of
  • Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, School of
  • Archaeology, School of
  • Business School, Saïd
  • Economics, Department of
  • Education, Department of
  • Geography and the Environment, School of
  • Government, Blavatnik School of
  • Interdisciplinary Area Studies, School of
  • International Development, Department of
  • Internet Institute, Oxford
  • Law, Faculty of
  • Oxford Martin School
  • Politics and International Relations, Department of
  • Social Policy and Intervention, Department of
  • Sociology, Department of

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